Indian Software Engineers – Earn life long income

Life Long Income for Indian Software professionals
Are you Software professional living in India?


There are lot of laid off news
you are probably hearing daily.


CTS Laid off
Verizon Laid Off
TCS Laid Off
Tech Mahindra Laid Off


and lot and lot of companies are laid of the experienced persons.

Not All companies laid off news are
broadcasts in media.


And even covered news also
some cooked news.


So you can’t know what is happening
outside of your cubical.


Truth is
Very Vigorous,
Very Serious,
Very Deep and Very Painful.


Each Laid off your friends and colleagues
undergoing a huge pain.


You cannot be cool since you will be in the next?


All companies needs
Young Blood for
Higher Profit and Higher Efficiency.


Companies are strong in their Goals.


They have servants for expanding the team
and  reducing the team.


Their Goals are like rubber band.
They can easily stretch,
shrink as per their goals.


What about You?
If tomorrow, you will be fired
what is your backup plan?


How are you going to survive remaining time?


Lot of Folks who called as
Experts or Gurus are saying


 “Keep Upgrading the skills”
like Big Data, Cloud and Data Science.




Then why companies are firing
Big Data and Data Science persons as well?


Hiring and Firing becomes
normal activities for all companies.


When they are getting the new project
– Professionals are added.

When the project is over/streamline
– Professionals are fired.


Companies are stringent with their Goals.
They never see any sentiments.


So, Upgrading the skills is
Permanent solutions?




Upgrading the skills are at least give
LITTLE EDGE to your Career.






Yes. You are reading right.
Our Unity is the permanent solution.


The money what we are going to earn
needs to be earn when we are sleeping.


If we are uniting and
helping each other
we can earn for life long.


You are using Mobile App and
spending most of the time there.


Make resolution here on-wards.


Use Mobile App that earning for your life time.

Use your phone as earning machine.


We are introducing


NEXGEN is a Mobile App
like Paytm and
its referral program is helping
to get lifelong income.


No Need of buy.
No Selling.
No Survey.
No Clicking.
No Cold Calling.
No Meeting.
No Appraisal Process.
No limit.


You can do mobile recharge, Bill payment, IMPS and lot through this App.


However, you need to
UPGRADE to Rs.1770
one time fees for enrollment.


If you refer 5 persons your money will be returned.


There is no loss.
Only Gain.
Life Long Gain only.


If we are in Unity We can earn for lifetime.


Please use


as your referral


Download the App from here.

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